How I went from "Semi-Retired" Home Maker to Pink Pineapples

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With both my kids now raised, I needed something else to do with my abundant free time. Having been free from the confines of traditional work, the thought of not being able to plan things whenever I wanted, worring only about my husband's schedule, was not appealing.

 I've had POD shops for a few years now, but that's doesn't fulfill my need to create physical crafts. Then I discovered the Cricut cutting machine. It was perfect! I could create items using both my digital AND practical "skills". So I started making  "made to order" vinyl decal stickers for vehicle windows, electronics, coffee mugs, water bottles, etc. I thought they would be fun to make (they are) and easy (they... kinda... are LOL). I started selling on Etsy in August of 2019... I did not expect what happened next...

 Three months after starting my Etsy shop I went from selling 5 or 6 decals a day to 40-50 a day during the Christmas Rush. Woah. I ended up "employing" my husband and youngest daughter to help out. Well, part time at least. Now, as I'm writing this, 3 months later I do a respectable 10-30 decals a day.

 I decided to add my own website to my line-up for 2 main reasons:

  1. Giving someone my URL is more professional than saying "search PinkPineapple19 on Etsy".
  2. There are some limitations on Etsy that can get in the way of me making proper sales in some cases.

As for Pink Pineapples, I was looking for a name where I could have a simple logo and a single color. Both for easy branding and because decals (my fist product) are single colors. I went through a ton of ideas with my family and we just kept circling back to Pink Pineapple... It rolled off the tongue and pineapple happens to be my favorite fruit... Who cares if it burns the tar out of my mouth! LOL I really wanted the url & username PinkPineappleDesigns across the board, but that url/name was already taken everywhere... so I dropped the "s" off the end of the URL and used 19 in place of "design" when needed. the 19 is from the date I started: 2019.

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