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While Etsy was a great site for a quick cash grab (as my decals were "flying off the shelf")... It was just too much. I was making so many sales that I was working 10-12hrs a day, 6-7 days a week. I was also spending a massive amount of my earnings on fast food as I just didn't have time / energy to cook. Not so good on our waistbands... LOL.

There was also quite a few limitations that impeded my listings. Namely, I was only allowed 2 drop down menus... which doesn't work for my Custom Names listing as it requires 3 choices (Size, Vinyl, Font).The other main limitation, was that I was only able to add 70 choices per drop down. That was fine for size, but it seriously limited my ability to add new vinyl. As it was, I had to have people choose "pattern" from the drop down then have them type the name of the pattern into the personalize section. Lastly, I was only allowed to add 10 images. Again, this was fine for most listings, but on Names again, I had to limit my font images.

But even more important than all that... their site is broken for sellers who have a large number of variations. I was unable to edit any decals with sizes over 11.5". As you can image, this was an unacceptable situation.

Lastly, I don't want to just make decals. I'd like to eventually expand to include stickers, enamel pins, notebooks, & other paper items. I also want to expand with a Glowforge which is a laser cutter that will allow me to make things like Christmas Ornaments, Fridge Magnets, Chalkboard signs and more. And these were absolutely cancelled by my Etsy "success". Heck, I couldn't even find the time or energy to add listings to this website. Oh yeah... I almost forgot... I also no longer had time to work on my other shops at RedBubble, Spoonflower & TeePublic.

So, I will now focus solely on my website. I am currently in the process of adding all my decals. Once they're available here, I will start advertising (something else I didn't have time for) on various social media sites and explore resurrecting my eBay shop and adding decals there as well. We shall see.

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