How to Apply Your New Decal

A few quick notes... I use a cold laminator to help ensure the vinyl adheres to the transfer tape, but sometimes it loses the connection during shipping. I have a feeling it may be weather related. Anyways, If you run into this problem, here are a few things you can do:
  1. Use a card, in the same way in the install instructions, on both the tape side and paper side, on a hard surface. Carefully on the tape side so that you don't catch a corner or point.
  2. Peel the paper up off the decal & tape instead.
  3. Peel from a different corner, particularly the opposite (left / right) side.
  4. The Last Resort: With paper side up, slowly peel the paper away from the decal. When you come to a piece of vinyl sticking to the paper, keep the paper and decal very close to the transfer tape & gently insert a stick pin / sewing needle between the paper and vinyl to remove the bond. Gently place paper and decal back down onto the tape a press with finger. Repeat as necessary.

Please contact me if you continue to have problems!